Hello, my name is Martijn van Stam. Yoga has drastically changed my life. In the first place it has made me more aware of my physical state, but also of my and emotional state. I found I was easily irritated, not easily pleased and lived a stressed life without even realizing it. After being aware of this yoga has taught me to be more relaxed and focus on the things that really matter. I can honestly say it has transformed both my body and personality.

I never planned on being a teacher but when my friends asked me to teach them yoga I was eager to share this with everyone. While studying Architectural Engineering I originally enrolled for Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my own knowledge and practice, but soon enough found out that teaching yoga would become my biggest passion. I now have the drive to help people keep their body healthy and live a happier life. This happiness is not something to look for outside yourself nor inside yourself. It only comes when you stop looking and start being present.